Manufacturer of pillows

Manufacturer of pillows

Welcome to the manufacturer of furniture cushions. We have specialist machines and many years of experience in the manufacture of cartridges for pillows. We successfully produce filling silicone and polyurethane fillers. We decorative pillows from fabric entrusted and pillows advertising. In our offer we are also croissants, sockets and shafts. For ejecting batches use the highest quality fillers such as beads, silicone synthetic powder, cotton silicone crisp polyurethane foam and filling the mixture. We produce high quality cushion to measure and cushion upholstery, according to the individual needs of our customers. Our top-notch fulfillment of an ideal combination of comfort and quality. If you are looking for exceptional loads or perfect pillows, our products are the best choice.

                                  Pillows dimension

Furniture cushions, furniture inserts, inserts poof, ripples pillows

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         The pillows on the furniture from pallets

TComfortable filling a mixture of silicone beads and chips with polyurethane foam, gwararancją satisfaction.he pillows on the furniture from pallets

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Printing on the cushions

For two years, improving the art of printing on the pillows, we offer prints by sublimation and screen printing.

Cushion in the shape of a T-shirt
Print on furniture cushions
Full color VW print
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